Fuel economy trials in the real world, on the road - not just on rolling roads or at fixed testing facilities.

  • Running real world fuel economy trials in operational fleets is a challenge. A challenge we wanted to face in order to offer solid proof that our Texaco Fuel Economy Suite of products delivers fuel savings our customers can count on.
  • That meant real-time fuel economy trials, in the real world, on the road, and not just on rolling roads or at fixed testing facilities.
  • Experience tells us that fleet operators need more than results from fuel economy trials conducted on artificial rolling roads or under test track conditions as they may not tell the whole story.

So we adopted and enhanced real world methodology, in collaboration with highly experienced engineers using their many years of know-how in intervention testing.

The results we produce are scrutinised in great detail to ensure that they are statistically robust. Testing is conducted systematically by only installing one intervention on any given vehicle at a time. In addition, we recommend that the variables are controlled as tightly as possible. The following should be considered and applied to increase test reliability:

  • A minimum of six vehicles will be used, all of the same age, make and model and mileage, with same-size engines, gearbox type and rear axle ratio.
  • Tyres must be of the same size, configuration and tread-depths to ensure they won’t need changing during the trial. Body types must be identical with the same aerodynamics.
  • No major components should have been changed during the vehicle life, speed limiter settings must be the same.
  • Vehicle service history is reviewed to identify any potential issues prior to final selection.
  • Extremely accurate flow meters are fitted to all vehicles.
  • Due to weather conditions, fuel economy testing takes place between March and October. There are strict guidelines for weather extremes and if these are exceeded, the fuel economy data during those periods is removed.
  • A four week benchmark takes place to give a solid foundation for comparison of impact.
  • Data is taken on a daily basis over a seven day period, recording weekly miles per gallon, vehicle mileage, fuel quantity consumed. This information is then totalled over the benchmark period to calculate average miles per gallon.
  • Vehicle telematics, loading and routing are reviewed to identify any anomalies that have taken place, such as excessive idling or congestion.

We believe the results from independent trials prove that our products work, but don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself...

RbL Programme: expert consultancy designed to deliver optimum fleet TCO

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