Texaco Fuel Economy Suite: fuel efficiency,  performance and protection

Texaco Ursa Fuel Economy oils are formulated to rigorous OEM and ACEA specifications, and are designed to deliver on fuel efficiency and to meet stringent environmental legislation requirements.

This helps fleet operators comply with the latest environmental standards, without compromising engine protection, total cost of ownership (TCO) or vehicle uptime.

The Texaco Fuel Economy Suite comprises a range of advanced technology low viscosity engine oils, transmission fluids and coolants, augmented with premium performance Techron HD fuel system cleaner – potentially resulting in the vehicle achieving greater fuel efficiency, restoration of power loss and less CO2 emissions.

RbL Programme: expert consultancy designed to deliver optimum fleet TCO

RBL is a consultative process designed to help our highly experienced team develop a clear understanding of your fleet and the challenges facing your operations. Chevron’s RbL Programme is designed to help fleet managers improve fuel economy without compromising vehicle performance, driveline protection or total cost of ownership.

Chevron Reliability based Lubrication can help improve fuel efficiency