Tested in 'real world' trials supported by industry experts

Fuel efficiency testing carried out under loosely controlled conditions can lead to inconsistent results and raise questions in terms of the robustness of data and associated claims. Similarly, unrealistic fuel economy claims made by some companies has helped create a culture of cynicism and the erosion of trust in terms of what is possible.

Controlled test track cycle and fixed rolling road dynamometer testing are common methods of fuel efficiency testing, however they are not always fully reflective of actual operation.

There are many scientific methods to measure fuel economy in controlled conditions and these are valuable industry benchmarks, however we know fleet operators need more confidence that they will see the impact in their daily operations. As a result, Chevron has been working with transport industry experts to develop best practice guidelines on conducting in-service trials.

The combination of a thorough benchmarking process, set up steps to limit the variables and detailed statistical analysis of the data generated can work together to deliver a reliable result. Contact us for more information about our test methodology.

RbL Programme: expert consultancy designed to deliver optimum fleet TCO

RBL is a consultative process designed to help our highly experienced team develop a clear understanding of your fleet and the challenges facing your operations. Chevron’s RbL Programme is designed to help fleet managers improve fuel economy without compromising vehicle performance, driveline protection or total cost of ownership.

Chevron Reliability based Lubrication can help improve fuel efficiency