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Texaco Ursa fuel economy products can deliver real world fuel savings

The Texaco advanced technology suite of fuel saving products including Texaco Ursa Fuel Economy engine oils is designed to deliver proven, real world fuel savings. So, to prove our fuel economy technologies, our trials were overseen by transport engineers with many years of testing experience. These fuel economy trials are conducted on fleets in 'normal', everyday long-haul, mini-trunk and store deliveries – in the real world, on the road – not just on rolling roads or at fixed testing facilities.

Maximum vehicle uptime

But the potential fuel savings don’t stop there. The Texaco Ursa Fuel Economy Suite brings together high performance products designed for reliable vehicle protection over long drain periods, helping to optimise vehicle uptime, maintenance and reliability.

Contact us for more details about our approach to running real world trials and to learn more about how our fuel economy products could benefit your business now.